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Take part in SKYPE interview and get a job on river ships, sailing across Europe!


Which positions are available?

  • Receptionists

  • Waiters

  • Cooks


What are the conditions & benefits?

✓ Contract for April-November 2021

✓ You work under SWISS contracts and your salary will be 1075EUR per month plus tips

✓ After each 6 weeks worked on board all crew gets 2 weeks off paid vacation. This is mandatory by law and usually can not be worked and then compensated or accumulated for longer vacation.

✓ Each time they go on 2 weeks vacation they get 200EUR lump sum for travel expenses. You may go home or stay in Europe and/or travel around during their vacation.

✓ Company pays in full joining and end of contract ticket expenses.

✓ Medical exam that is needed is very simple and can be done with any doctor.

✓ No safety certificates or Seaman’s documents needed.

✓ Health Insurance is provided for whole contract duration.

✓ German work visa D type will be needed. Company will provide supporting documents. Usually it is free of charge, but takes around 2−3 months to process. Therefore visa application need to be started even before 2021.

✓ Social benefits (sick pay, kids pay, pension, disability etc.) by Swiss laws may apply to those who worked several consecutive contracts.

✓ Contract will be re-newed each season and salary increase may be offered to crew with good performance.


What are the requirements?

➢ German knowledge is required + English

➢ No visible tattoos

➢ Min 1 year of relevant experience


If interested — please send your CV to office@ismira-odessa,